Layton says Booker’s not Obama in BurlCo

Burlington County GOP Chairman Bill Layton threw a jab back at his counterpart this afternoon after reading about Democrats’ intentions to squeeze the most out of U.S. Sen. Cory Booker (D-NJ) in Burlington County.

“Their track record is they’ve won in presidential years,” said Layton, as he plays defense with two freeholder seats. “Unless Obama is on top of the ticket, they have a hard time.”

Layton is switching out incumbent Freeholder Joe Howarth with former Freeholder Mary Ann O’Brien.

“She won in 2009 and she’ll win in 2014 because she has a record of cutting taxes and spending,” Layton said. “Unfortunately, she lost in a year when Obama won by 20 points. I’m not concerned with Mary Ann O’Brien’s electoral success over and over again in Burlington County. Unless it’s a presidential year, our candidates do extremely well.”

By Burlington County Democratic Chairman Joe Andl’s logic, Layton said former Evesham Councilman Mike Schmidt – now running as a freeholder candidate – should be politically DOA.

“We’ve already beaten him,” Layton deadpanned.

Layton says Booker’s not Obama in BurlCo