Prickly Cactus Tables to Spike Up Your Home

The Coffee, or Occasional Table Is the Accent Jewelry of Interiors

Cactus Table

Even if you’re squashed into a Yo-like space or you never drink coffee, there ought to always be room for an occasional table if the need to let off some fresh, sartorial steam arises.

The Gobi table is a new arrival from craftsman Kenneth Cobonpue. The piece combines interior fashion’s move toward colored metals with an exotic, organic form. Made of hand-forged and hand-hammered metal with a copper finish, there are two tables in the collection—a larger base with a smaller glass top and a smaller base with a larger glass top. 

Mr. Cobonpue is a multi award-winning furniture designer from the Island of Cebu in the Philippines. A graduate of Pratt Institute, Mr. Cobonpue worked in Italy and Germany before returning home to Cebu. Saddened to see how much local artistry and craftsmanship was dying out, he set out to restore interest and provide some of the young people of the island with new opportunities. The resulting furniture and home accessories integrate local materials with innovative handmade production techniques and fund a cottage industry. Interesting fact: archeology boffin Brad Pitt and his wife Angelina Jolie own pieces by Mr. Cobonpue, too.

The tables, $960 each are available from the website: or from Muleh (Washington D.C., NYC) and from Designlush (NYC). ν

Prickly Cactus Tables to Spike Up Your Home