Sure Why Not: Pornhub Just Launched a Record Label

They're also having a contest to find the "company's anthem."

Coolio debuted a music video on Pornhub earlier this year. (Facebook)
Coolio debuted a music video on Pornhub earlier this year. (Facebook)

Pornhub may be a prime source for fap material (ugh, sorry), but they’re also capable of so much more. They plant trees! They make clever FIFA World Cup commentary! And now, they also produce records, apparently.

The porn site has officially launched its own record label, Pornhub Records, Billboard reported yesterday. The announcement may seem totally bizarre, but this isn’t Pornhub’s first dabbling in the music industry; artists Coolio, FaltyDL, and Xiu Xiu all used the site to premiere music videos within the past year.

Along with the debut of Pornhub Records, the company is also hosting the Pornhub Song Search Contest, an “international campaign seeking to find the company’s anthem,” according to a press release.

“With over 40 million unique visitors a month to our site, as you would imagine, we have many talented fans,” Pornhub VP Corey Price said in the release. “This contest is looking to take advantage of that talented fan base, and reward one lucky winner. So, whether you’re an emerging artist, a band or even a musically inclined individual, we encourage you to submit your song for a chance to win. Rap, rock, opera; it doesn’t matter — it just has to epitomize the brand.”

As Billboard notes, the winner of the contest won’t necessarily score a record deal. They will, however, get “$5,000 towards the expenses of making a music video and have their video featured on – 500,000 viewers guaranteed,” according to the release. Who knew there were people out there who’d stop watching porn to check out some crappy amateur music video?

Anyway, if you’re interested in participating, Pornhub is accepting entries until Nov. 30, at which point they’ll pick a winner.

And if all of this seems way too weird for you to process, just remember: no label will ever be as weird as Doge Records. Sure Why Not: Pornhub Just Launched a Record Label