There's a Craigslist Black Market for iPhone 6 Line Sitters

Just shell out a casual $2,500!

Professional line sitters already camped out outside the Apple Store's Fifth Avenue location. (Twitter: Dan Benton)

Professional line sitters already camped out outside the Apple Store’s Fifth Avenue location. (Twitter: Dan Benton)

Craigslist might be home to a ton of creepy job listings, but it can also be a valuable resource for people who vehemently hate waiting in line for stuff.

Take 2013’s cronut craze, for instance. New Yorkers who didn’t have the requisite 7485 hours to wait in line outside Dominique Ansel’s bakery could turn to Craigslist’s cronut black market, wherein people were purchasing the coveted baked goods, and selling them online at up to five times the original price.

With Apple set to unveil big news tomorrow, another such black market has emerged on Craiglist: iPhone 6 line sitters. For the low, low price of hundreds — or thousands, in one case — of dollars, impatient consumers can pay people to wait in line and purchase the newest iPhone for them, when it eventually hits stores at an unknown future date.

One professional line sitting company, which left its name out of the Craigslist listing, charges $20 an hour for its services. Buyers can request that line sitters wait “an any apple store or wireless carrier store in NYC of your choice,” according to the listing. Apparently, people are biting — a slew of professional line sitters was already spotted camped out in front of the Fifth Avenue Apple Store on Sept. 3.

Another person, who calls himself Ryan, is charging New Yorkers a base fee of $300 for his line sitting services, plus the cost of whatever device he purchases on their behalf. “I feel like the price is pretty reasonable considering you could legitimately make money with the phone/device if you choose to. none of my business,” he writes. “Plus most people don’t feel like waiting a bunch of hours next to idiots to get the device.” Fair point, Ryan.

And if you’re really looking for a luxury line sitting service — or simply have way too much money to spend — contact this guy:

“Will wait on line until the iphone 6 comes out for 2500 . Email if interested. I will respond fast.”

Though we’re not so desperate for an iPhone 6 that we’d shell out hundreds of bucks for a line sitter, some people, apparently, are. “I am looking for someone to stand in line for me for the iPhone 6, I would like the phone on opening day,” one Craigslist user writes in a listing. “I have an idea of how much this costs but am open to offers from everybody. I would like for this to be done at the Apple Store on 5th Avenue. Hope to hear from you all soon.”

Hope that person enjoys their new phone for the three nanoseconds before Apple announces the iPhone 7.

There's a Craigslist Black Market for iPhone 6 Line Sitters