This App Schedules Your Coffee Dates Without Dozens of Awkward One-Line Emails

No more, "Could you possibly send along a calendar invite? :)"

This app still don't answer the question, "If they're 10 minutes late, do I text or email?" (Photo by HD Valentin)
This app still won’t answer the question, “If they’re 10 minutes late, do I text or email?” (Photo by HD Valentin)

Scheduling a coffee date can be a logistical nightmare, a whirling dance of quick back-and-forth emails: “Where should we go?”; “What neighborhood are you in?”; “Do you have a favorite spot?”; “You pick the place, I’ll be there!”; “What time is best for you?”; and finally the sociopathic, “I’m up for anything!”

Up For Coffee is an app that wants to streamline the whole process so that you can skip the chatter and save time for more important daily hassles. It was created by founder Brian Mitchell, who bootstrapped the production costs to build the app as a side-project.

Up For Coffee is in its very early stages, but the basic functionality is all there: the app imports your contacts, finds the local coffee joints and lets you send invitations. There’s just one small but potentially fatal caveat:

Unfortunately, both parties have to have the app. (Image via Up For Coffee)

“The key is that ideally, both people have to have the app,” Mr. Mitchell told Betabeat. “If only one person has it, the app sends them a text message with the invite and the time to meet, and a link to install the app.”

The trouble here is that the key demographic for the app—people with busy schedules and loads of appointments—can’t rely on the handful of people they see on a weekly basis to all have the same app. There’s nothing more suspect than beginning a professional relationship with, “We should grab coffee sometime! Just do me a favor and download this app…”

It’s also hard to imagine the app taking off with such a limited feature set. After all, it’s still not possible to see reviews of potential cafes, and it’d be nice if the app synced up with Google calendar.

Still, anything that prevents us from having to awkwardly ask someone if they could just send along a calendar invite (“thanks in advance ^_^”) is perfectly fine with us. This App Schedules Your Coffee Dates Without Dozens of Awkward One-Line Emails