Welcome to Passaic, New Jersey, Mr. Governor

The Governor of New Jersey wants the Governor of Puebla to visit New Jersey, but Gov. Rafael Moreno Valle is actually the one who can welcome Christie.

The Mexican elected official has been to Passaic, New Jersey, in fact pays a visit every year to check on the status of the community center Puebla built in its NJ sister city.

Christie, for his part, has not done any events in Passaic during his tenure as New Jersey’s governor.

Contacted for comment about the governor’s invitation to the already well-known Moreno Valle, Passaic Mayor Alex Blanco was all positive.

“I praise the governor for going to Puebla,” he said. “Passaic thrives on diversity, and the Mexican community here is at its peak. We always had a relationship with the governor of Puebla, who is a friend I met before he became governor. When he was elected, about four an a half years ago, we discussed the creation of a community center to supply assistance tutoring mand other services, and they built it on land they own about a year and a half after he was elected. It’s called Mi casa es Puebla.

“The community center serves Pueblanas and the city in general, and the Mexican general counsel comes twice a week to serve people’s needs, such as faciliating passports and birth certificates.”

Two Mexican Americans serve on the local school board in Passaic.

Blanco is the country’s first Dominican American mayor whose partnership with Assemblyman Gary Schaer (D-36) of Passaic – the only Orthodox Jew in the Legislature – helped propel him to a second term in 2012.


Puebla Governor Rafael Moreno Valle
Welcome to Passaic, New Jersey, Mr. Governor