Who Was Excluded from the ‘7th Heaven’ Cast Reunion Picture?

So yesterday the Camden family from 7th Heaven posted a very 7th Heaven-y picture on WhoSay, and ’90’s kids got real excited and probably AIM’d each other over it (full disclosure: I was a ’90’s kid, my AIM name was BBallRocks or something like that.)

Any who, I was more interested in all those cast members that were excluded from the picture. It’s far more likely that these actors just weren’t there at the time, but it’s more fun if you think that they were excluded. Based on these opening credits, the people missing are Mackenzie Rosman, Adam Lavorgna, Nikolas and Lorenzo Brino and Happy the dog.

Well Mackenzie Rosman, who played the adorable Ruthie Camden on the show, went on to become generally attractive and half-naked, and also act in a movie about ghost sharks called Ghost Shark. A very un-7th-Heaven-like post-career.

Adam Lavorgna’s IMDB is pretty unspectacular, but he did date Jessica Biel before she married Justin Timberlake, making him like one degree of separation from being awesome.

Twin Camdens Nikolas and Lorenzo Brino pretty much went on to never act again, so there’s that, but they look like this and this now if you’re really that invested in this (like I am.) 

And Happy the dog well…I mean, the show ended in 2007, and Happy was a dog so…yeah. Ahem. Let’s cue up that theme song again, huh?!

Who Was Excluded from the ‘7th Heaven’ Cast Reunion Picture?