Will Lewis tell Hawkins to stop torturing Parisi in court?

Olympian Carl Lewis will be among the guests at a cocktail reception/buffett for West Orange mayoral candidate Eldridge Hawkins, Jr. on Tuesday, September 30th at Mayfair Farms, according to a Hawkins Campaign invite.

There’s some irony in his presence in North Jersey at the side of a candidate who’s right now trying to ram his opponent off the ballot on a technicality.

Lewis was himself beamed out of contention on a technicality.

It was 2011 when the track and field legend declared his candidacy for the LD8 state senate seat only to loss a court battle over residency with the Secretary of State’s Office.

On the day he announced in Burlington County, Hawkins appeared at his side.

Freeholder Carol Clark and Mayor Dana Redd will also be in attendance at the mixer, according to the Hawkins invitation.

Running against incumbent West Orange Mayor Rob Parisi in the November general election, Hawkins is in court himself today challenging Parisi’s signatures.

Will Lewis advise his friend to give Parisi a break and simply run the damn race rather than attempt to knock someone out of the blocks on a technicality?

Will Lewis tell Hawkins to stop torturing Parisi in court?