‘Real Housewives’ Matchmaker From Hell Sued by Woman Who Didn’t Find Soulmate

Mr. Matchmaker, won't yo umake me a match?

NYC matchmaker Richard Easton is being sued because he couldn’t find one woman’s perfect match.

She failed to capture Mr. Right, so she’s suing the man who wronged her.

The New York Post reports that 61-year-old Manhattan real estate broker Audrey Ruden filed a lawsuit against matchmaker Richard Easton in civil court Thursday because the alleged charlatan did not find her a soul mate.

According to Ms. Ruden, Mr. Easton, who has appeared on The Real Housewives of New York City, promised “personalized, sophisticated, thoughtful matchmaking services” that would attract “marriage-minded men.”

But according to Ms Ruden, “This is a lie.”

Ms. Ruden went on dates with two different gents, each of whom only wanted a quick flirtation. One of the prospective partners even wondered “why she was pursuing marriage.”

If that wasn’t enough, she accused Mr. Easton of hiring these men to lure her into a false sense of security before ending the date. When this occurred, Mr. Easton allegedly made it worse by treating Ms. Ruden “in a condescending and sarcastic manner.”

Once Ms. Ruden realized she had been hung out to dry, she demanded Mr. Easton refund his $100,000 fee, but he refused, which forced her to take legal action. (That hefty sum violates New York State’s Dating Services law, which prohibits matchmakers from charging more than $1,000 per client).

This is not the only lawsuit on Mr. Easton’s plate. Earlier this month, his landlord sued him for a host of offenses, including commanding the building’s employees to call him “Prince,” ordering that a maid give him oral sex  and letting his dog relieve himself on the building’s rooftop deck.

Since Mr. Easton runs his business from his apartment, he will have to give up the matchmaking game for a while if he is evicted. This would surely make Ms. Ruden very happy.

‘Real Housewives’ Matchmaker From Hell Sued by Woman Who Didn’t Find Soulmate