Art World Abstracts: A Rare Chat With Gerhard Richter, and More!

The artist Gerhard Richter. (Photo by Fabrice Coffrini, courtesy Getty Images)
The artist Gerhard Richter. (Photo by Fabrice Coffrini, courtesy Getty Images)

Collectors take heed; do not hang your Gerhard Richter painting next to something lesser. The man will notice. “Every now and then—actually no, always—there are people who will have real feelings for [my art]. That’s why it’s difficult when I go to the home of a collector and then next to my work in a room hangs some heinous artwork and I think to myself ‘How can the man do that?’” [Wall Street Journal]

Gary Nader, a collector and gallerist from Wynwood, Miami, revealed his plans for a Latin American Art Museum to be located in the downtown area. The proposed institution would show close to 600 artworks from his private collection, include 90,000-square-feet of space, and open in early 2016. First on the exhibition list: a retrospective of Fernando Botero. [Miami Herald]

While everyone is still trying to digest what’s going on at Frieze London, don’t forget that PAD London is going on in Mayfair. Here’s a run-down of some sales from the multifaceted fair, which has design, tribal art, antiquities, and modern and contemporary art on offer. [The Art Newspaper]

The Whitney’s catalogue for “Hopper Drawing,” a knock out show that ran in 2013 focused on Edward Hopper’s drawings and the planning process for his cinematic, iconic paintings, has won the Alice Award. The second annual $25,000 prize for illustrated books will be presented in a ceremony at the Frick on November 10. [New York Times]

Hello Kitty’s first U.S. retrospective at the Japanese American National Museum in Los Angeles has quintupled the museum’s attendance. Carolina Miranda reports that on a normal weekend the museum may see between 400 and 500 people, but this past weekend over 2,500 flocked downtown to see Hello Kitty’s big show. [Los Angeles Times]

Philadelphia Eagles head coach Chip Kelly was so proud of getting the team to take their annual team photo in record time that he let his words get the better of him. After a long rant about his strategy for photo, he said, “It’s not like it’s going to be hanging in the Philadelphia Museum of Art. It’s going to go in someone’s office somewhere, so let’s just get it done.” And then the Philadelphia Museum of Art proved the couch wrong and tweeted an appropriately cheeky photo of the team portrait, indeed, hanging at the museum. [Twitter,]

Jillian Steinhauer rounds-up a collection of blogs that amusingly poke fun at: women and men looking (or not looking) at art. Yes, that sounds banal, and it is, but just check them out for yourself—there’s more to be said for the art-themed memes. Particularly in “Women Looking at Art” which culls stock images of exactly that, smartly dressed women taking in art. [Hyperallergic] Art World Abstracts: A Rare Chat With Gerhard Richter, and More!