Beyoncé Announces Topshop Line: A Look at Her 21 Best Leotards

Could this finally be the push we need to incorporate Bey's signature garment into our streetwear looks?

A sheer, white lace Casual Revenge Leotard; you can "accidentally" send a picture of yourself in it to the loser ex who thinks he jilted you. (Screengrab via YouTube)
A scary, futuristic Linebacker Leotard (from the "Diva" music video) for those tough work meetings. (Screengrab via YouTube)
Hold up — this is a miniature Beyoncé riding a freaking cat in a full-body leopard-print leotard in the video for the oft-forgotten single "Kitty Cat." Just. Wow. (Screengrab via YouTube)
A caped red leotard for fighting crime with a Nerf gun. (Screengrab via YouTube)
Virginal white Bestie Leotards for you and your favorite frenemy. (Screengrab via YouTube)
A one-sleeved "Single Ladies" leotard in case you can't decide whether it's hot or cold out. (Screengrab via YouTube)
An incredibly practical Turtleneck Leotard, which changes to all the colors of the rainbow thanks to magic. Use this one to pay homage to the greatest (yes, GREATEST) Beyoncé song of all time, "Countdown." (Screengrab via YouTube)
From the "Party" video: A black leotard with yellow fur coat and black rabbit ears, like if a bumblebee and a bunny had an incredibly sexy baby. (Screengrab via YouTube)
A strapless, bejeweled number from the peerless "Upgrade U" video, great for hanging out with monitor lizards. (Screengrab via YouTube)
A Paranoia Leotard with Your Man's Button-Down attached. Great for fending off would-be side chicks, as seen in the "Ring The Alarm" video. (Screengrab via YouTube)
Finally, something to wear on Casual Friday with your sneaker wedges and bejeweled sailor hat: this leotard from the "Love On Top" video. (Screengrab via YouTube)
Here, we are entering Beyoncé's "Run the World" era, when her leotards were at their most experimental. Here is a furry cutout Run The World Leotard with butt-cape. Pet hyenas sold separately. (Screengrab via YouTube)
Yellow Loincloth Prom-Inspired Leotard, also good for running the world. (Screengrab via YouTube)
Emerald green Evening Leotard with lots of slashes in the fabric to show that you are strong enough to bear the children then get back to business. (Screengrab via YouTube)
A leotard that's really just a bunch of strands of metal with a fur shrug, best when worn to receive a Millennium Award from Billboard after giving one of the best performances of anything ever, also while pregnant. (Screengrab via YouTube)
A formal, menswear-inspired leotard, which you can wear to hand out diplomas to a dance troupe of sexy college grads at Oprah's behest. (Screengrab via YouTube)
A bejeweled Sry, We Don't Feel Bad For You Leotard from the "Pretty Hurts" video, which you can wear while sulking with your million Grammy awards. (Screengrab from YouTube)
An American Landscape Leotard with matching leggings and torture-device belt, for working out alone in your basement. (Screengrab via YouTube)
Arguably Creepy Sexytime Leotard from the "Partition" video. (Screengrab via YouTube)
Also Quite Intimidating Black Velvet Sexytime Leotard with matching black lace mourning cape. (Screengrab via YouTube)
And finally, the apotheosis of Beyoncé's career in leotard-wearing: the Lifetime Achievement Leotard. This multi-colored, metallic number has an almost religious aspect to it, thanks to the stained-glass effect of the multicolored gems embedded throughout. Bey wore it during her epic performance at the 2014 VMAs, then received the Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award in it. This leotard is great for dabbing away your tears of joy while your perfect husband and perfect child present you with a similar accolade. (Photo by ROBYN BECK/AFP/Getty Images)

It’s official: Beyoncé and Topshop are working on an activewear line together, which they announced earlier today with a press release.

Philip Green, the owner of Topshop parent company Arcadia, told British Vogue this will be more of a partnership than a collaboration; a whole new team will be hired to run the Beyoncé line. It will consist of “active streetwear,” kind of like Alexander Wang’s line for H&M or Cara Delevingne’s DKNY range.

Now, Beyoncé can rock a red carpet gown and off-duty jorts with the best of them. But chances are, when you hear the name “Beyoncé,” you picture her in a bejeweled leotard, her preferred garment for performing, with her hair blowing in the breeze thanks to a permanently-switched-on wind machine.

It’s tough to imagine a Beyoncé clothing line devoid of her favorite performance-wear, the leotard. Her range will have to include one or two. Therefore, this could be the final push we need to incorporate everyone’s favorite crotched-but-leg-less garment, the leotard, into our workout and streetwear routines.

Click on for a look at Beyoncé’s most triumphant bodysuits, which we hope will be replicated in some way in her collection, and get ready to drop some dough on a leo of your own when the collection hits stores sometime next year.

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