BoodiGo Partners With PornGuardian To Stop Piracy

The site wants to ensure its search results won't contain links to stolen material.

BoodiGo has taken steps to prevent the spread of pirated porn. (BoodiGo)
BoodiGo has taken steps to prevent the spread of pirated porn. (BoodiGo)

BoodiGo, the search engine for porn, has taken a major step in ensuring its search results won’t contain pirated material.

When the site first launched, Colin Rowntree — one of its founders — stressed how important it was that the site not support stolen content. As a porn producer and director, Mr. Rowntree told us how he’d experienced the damaging effects of piracy firsthand.

“It’s horrible for the performers, for the studios, for everybody,” Mr. Rowntree said at the time.

And while he was sure BoodiGo was doing “a very good job at identifying the illegal tube sites,” now the company’s taking extra steps to ensure its results are piracy-free. BoodiGo today announced a partnership with PornGuardian, an organization that works with members of the porn industry to prevent the spread of pirated content.

“Our staff looks for your content 24/7 and report[s] it into our system,” PornGuardian’s website says. “Every 15 minutes, our system sends out DMCA notices to the filehosts, tubes, torrents, blogs, newsgroups and other places that are hosting your content illegally. Our systems constantly monitor the reported URLs to see when and if the files are taken down.”

PornGuardian also helps its clients detect patent infringements and assemble legal evidence, among other services.

“PornGuardian has been very active in targeting sites with DMCA take-down notices, and over the years they have built an extensive list of sites that are repeat offenders, or that appear to tolerate or even actively promote content piracy,” Mr. Rowntree said in a press release. “We don’t want these known ‘bad apples’ anywhere near the rest of our bunch, as it were. And, more often than not, the sites on this ‘bad list’ are ones infected with viruses and malware. Yet another compelling reason to exclude them from Boodigo search results.”

Pirated porn isn’t the only thing BoodiGo doesn’t want in its search results. Earlier this month, the search engine announced a partnership with the Association of Sites Advocating Child Protection (ASACP) to help prevent the spread of child pornography.

Now that BoodiGo has its safety measures under control, we’re hoping it can get to work on making BoodiCall a reality.

BoodiGo Partners With PornGuardian To Stop Piracy