Booker Campaign gongs Bell over benefits comment to APP


The Booker Campaign this afternoon went bonkers on Republican challenger Jeff Bell, reacting to what the Democrat called a gender-insensitive rant by the GOP challenger, courtesy of the Asbury Park Press.

Bell told the Asbury Park Press that “single mothers particularly are automatically Democratic because of the benefits.  They need benefits to survive, and so that kind of weds them to the Democratic Party.”

“If Mr. Bell wants to know why the women of New Jersey are fleeing from his candidacy in droves, he need only to read his own misogynistic, despicable comments,” said Booker for Senate spokeswoman Julie Roginsky.  “Single mothers and married mothers alike want their children to have access to a great education, quality healthcare and opportunity.  If they are ‘wedded’ to the Democratic Party, it is because the Democratic Party fields candidates like Senator Booker, who has worked tirelessly to expand access to an affordable college education, provide healthcare for those who need it and ensure that all women, single or married,  receive equal pay for equal work.” Booker Campaign gongs Bell over benefits comment to APP