Burlington County Dems up with second ad in freeholder race

Screenshot of the ad, title "Corruption Cam."
Screenshot of the ad, title “Corruption Cam.”

The campaign of Burlington County Freeholder candidates Tom Pullion and Mike Schmidt went up with its second television ad of the race today, slamming Republican Freeholder Board members Mary Anne O’Brien and Bruce Garganio for their records on taxes and alleged “inside deals” cut with local contractors.

Titled “Corruption Cam,” the 30 second video features dramatized security camera footage of O’Brien and Garagnio look-a-likes sitting in a room while a theatrical voice over accuses the two of giving “high paying government jobs to cronies” and cutting education funding, “causing county college tuition to skyrocket.”

“Tom and I are running because we are tired of backroom deals and business as usual on the Freeholder Board” said Schmidt, an Evesham Township Councilman, in a statement. “Under the Republican Freeholder majority, taxes are up, tuition has increased and the well-being of residents is not a concern. That will change when we Bruce Garganio and Mary Ann O’Brien are rejected by the voters again.”

The race between Democrats Pullion and Schmidt and Republicans Garganio and O’Brien has been a tumultuous one, with both parties sparring over taxes, contracts and public records violations. Earlier this week, the Republicans — who hold a 3-2 majority on the board — attempted to discredit the Democrats’ campaign by singling out and underlining the backing they’ve received from Jersey City Mayor Steven Fulop, calling Fulop’s involvement an “attempted takeover” of Burlington by a North Jersey power broker.

Watch the latest ad and read the full transcript below:

The big lie.

Mary Anne O’ Brien and Bruce Garganio lied and said our taxes did not go up.

But, their inside deals like the sale of Buttonwood Hospital resulted in higher taxes and lost jobs.

O’ Brien’s Republican team gave high paying government jobs to cronies.  They cut education, causing county college tuition to skyrocket.

All while our taxes are sky high.

Tell Mary Ann O’ Brien and Bruce Garganio.

Enough backroom deals… Enough lying about taxes.


[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dCANnpZMfjE]

Burlington County Dems up with second ad in freeholder race