Former North Wildwood Mayor William ‘Bill’ Henfey has died


Former North Wildwood Mayor William “Bill” Henfey has died.

According to the City of North Wildwood, the former mayor who served in that capacity from 2006 to 2013 died this morning surrounded by family and friends.

“Bill Henfey was one of my favorite people in the world,” CapeGOP Chairman Michael J. Donohue said.  “Just last year, after rebounding from illness, Bill gave one of the best speeches I have ever heard.  It was brief and only to the North Wildwood Republicans and a few others, but it was filled with such passion and vigor and love for his fellow Republicans and friends that I will never forget it.

“Recently, while I was driving through town, I saw Bill walking and pulled over to chat,” Donohue added. “We talked politics for a moment, which he loved to do.  I asked him how he was doing and he gave me a big thumbs up and said ‘I’m still going, Mike!’  Then Bill continued on his walk around the town he loved. I will always remember him that way, walking by the ball field, thumbs up, ‘I’m still going, Mike!’ Godspeed, Bill.”

This morning, Mayor Patrick Rosenello ordered all flags in the City of North Wildwood to be flown at half mast.

  Former North Wildwood Mayor William ‘Bill’ Henfey has died