‘Homeland’ Recap 4×5: Have Some Cheese, Rat


Carrie talking to someone much older than the guy she has sex with. (David Bloomer/Showtime)

Ayaan sells out his Taliban Uncle for sex and a sob story.

This episode is decent but if we don’t get paid off next week with some episode 4×1-level action and suspense I might start to lose faith in this season. Episode five has its moments but it’s a lot of Carrie and Aayan getting it on and talking about his uncle. It’s not unimportant but also not exciting. Aayan becomes less likable in this episode, to me at least. He’s so annoying and whiney. I’m sure I was too, five minutes after I lost my virginity but at least I wasn’t telling boring stories about my uncle slurping tea.

So, Carrie is banging and crying Aayan under her spell. Getting Aayan to give up the real info requires Carrie getting emotional about her baby’s father being dead followed up by some more sex. It’s hard to tell how much of Carrie’s emotion is real and how much is just her working Aayan? It’s definitely both but exactly how controlled is she? We don’t know. Doesn’t matter right now because it worked. Aayan trusts Carrie and tells her Haqqani is still alive but shhh, it’s a secret.

There’s a chance that we are being set up for a huge swerve here. This is not a prediction, but it seems very possible that Aayan is playing Carrie right now. He’s very close to his Taliban uncle. The stolen medicine was for Haqqani, but we still don’t know anything about his sickness. Is it just a coincidence that Aayan was the only survivor and also happened to get video footage at the moment of impact? This guy is a med student so he might not be dumb enough to believe that a reporter can get him political asylum. Well, he is dumb enough to to think Haqqani brought down the Soviet Union when everyone knows that the Berlin Wall fell because of Rocky IV.

The ISI is involved in Sandy’s murder and the hiding of Haqqani, sort of. It seems like there might just be one rogue agent working with the Taliban. An ISI meeting takes place between Aasar Khan, the ISI agent whom Saul met with in last week’s episode, and Tasneem Qureshi, the woman putting the squeeze on Dennis Boyd. There is no acknowledgment that anything will happen to Saul. Qureshi seems to be happy that Saul’s leaving the country but then Farhad Ghazi kidnaps him at the airport thanks to Saul’s more naive moves. The man is out of the spy game for a minute and Ghazi is able to get the jump on him. Afterward, Ghazi calls Tasneem to confirm with her that the deed is done, so there is no doubt of their connection.

What’s the deal with Fara? She seems worried about Haissam Haqqani getting shot and Aayan’s feelings getting hurt. It’s hard to tell where her head’s at. Is it possible that Fara can’t handle real action? She tends to rise to the occasion under pressure but maybe might not be able to handle true violence. We’re about due for some of that. Will Fara be able to pull the trigger if need be?

Quinn is also hard to read. He sighs when he pulls out his sniper rifle. We know he has killed too many people and wants out of the CIA. The only reason he’s still around seems to be to help Carrie or maybe it’s because he can’t go back to normal life without bashing skulls in a diner. Quinn’s pissed at Carrie and we are led to believe that is because he’s in love with her. I hope this is not the case but there are constant hints at a Carrie/Quinn romance. That relationship would be a Jim-and-Pam-level show ruiner.  When Carrie isn’t answering her phone, Quinn gets mad. It seems like they want you to think he’s jealous that she’s busy in bed with Aayan, but he has a logical, professional reason to be pissed. When he and Fara are following the Cleric, they’re left with no leadership when they really need it, in the field with no way of getting a drone to follow the Cleric. Oh, and Saul is in the trunk of the Cleric’s car but Quinn and Fara don’t know that. So, the Cleric makes off with a bound-and-gagged Saul because Carrie needed Aayan to admit that Uncle Haqqani is alive, which she already knew. The CIA really needs a back-up plan for securing a drone when a manic-depressive Station Chief is having sex in the line of duty.

Ambassador Boyd is way over her loser husband Dennis. She straight up tells Redmond that Dennis is a loser. She thought Dennis was drunkenly passed out but he hears her. Last episode, Tasneem Qureshi threatened to have Dennis locked up for treason if he didn’t break into Carrie’s apartment to get some intel. Once Dennis hears his wife say he’s a loser he gets up the nerve to break into Carrie’s apartment and take pictures for the ISI or the Taliban or whoever is behind this.

Dennis sneaks in and takes pictures of Carrie’s baby and antidepressants or whatever brain pills she’s on. Doesn’t seem like top secret intel. You could probably get these pics from Carrie’s Pinterest page. Actually, CIA agents probably aren’t allowed on social media. National security is at serious risk now that the Taliban knows what a baby in Maryland looks like and when Carrie is due back at the Islamabad CVS.

Questions Answered:

  1.          ISI Agent, Tasneem Qureshi, was the woman threatening Dennis Boyd.
  2.          Farhad Ghazi is working for Tasneem Qureshi.
  3.          Aayan’s stolen medicine was for Haissam Haqqani.

Questions Raised:

  1.          Is Tasneem Qureshi working outside the ISI for the Taliban?
  2.          What good is Carrie’s personal info to the ISI or the Taliban?
  3.          How much longer will Aayan believe the fake reporter story?
‘Homeland’ Recap 4×5: Have Some Cheese, Rat