Looking For Netflix’s Highest-Rated Titles? This Site Can Help

Somehow, we don't think it'll recommend the Real Housewives.

Well, looks like we're squared away for Friday night. (Getty)
Well, looks like we’re squared away for Friday night. (Getty)

Are you a pretentious movie-watcher? Will you only grace a TV show with the honor of your attention if it has a solid rating on IMDb?

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Betabeat recently stumbled upon whatisonnetflix.com, a simple website that tells you which of IMDb and Rotten Tomatoes’ top-ranked movies and TV shows are currently on Netflix (NFLX). The site also lets you search by genre, as well as for individual titles.

Not only is it useful for people who treat IMDb like the Bible (in other words, every dad ever), but it’s also great for dummies, like us, who often have trouble navigating the murky waters of Netflix’s movie and TV selections. Sometimes, we just get totally fooled when timeless classics are unassumingly nestled alongside crappy documentaries that look like they were made on somebody’s home computer — a fact we don’t realize, of course, until we’ve already settled down to watch.

Of course, whatisonnetflix.com isn’t going to help you if, like us, you sometimes turn to Netflix for those so-bad-it’s-good binge-watching sessions, like that time we watched the entire season of Pretty Wild in a single night. Yes, that is a thing that happened.

Anyways, whatisonnetflix.com claims to be “dynamically updated every week,” so it sounds like they definitely have their shit together. Now all you have to do is Seamless eight pounds of pad thai.

Looking For Netflix’s Highest-Rated Titles? This Site Can Help