Molly Ringwald to Voice ‘Rainbow Brite’ Villain in Dark, Gritty Reboot (Video)

Subscription video service Feeln (which colleague Molly Mulshine had to point out is probably pronounced FEELIN’, like those things you have about your crush) has announced they’ll be bringing back Rainbow Brite for a new series, starring Emily Osment as the titular hero and 80’s favorite Molly Ringwald as “the Dark Princess.”

From The Hollywood Reporter:

Actress, singer, songwriter Osment will voice Rainbow Brite, the girl who embarks on adventures to save Rainbowland from destruction and dark powers. Also returning are Starlite and the Color Kids as the series will deliver what Feeln says is a message of optimism, creativity and friendship.

Ringwald (The Breakfast Club, ABC Family’s Secret Life of the American Teenager) will voice the central villain, The Dark Princess.

Here’s the new trailer for the series, which makes it look goddamn epic.

I can appreciate that some people are going to be very excited about this news, and other people will be devastated because they are ruining childhood, waahh!, but honestly maybe I have a defective gene (lack of feeln?) because I never gave a shit about Rainbow Brite one way or another. What’s her power? Is it rainbows? Is the Dark Princess the absence of rainbows? Because technically shouldn’t she also be the White Princess?

I don’t know, people are strange about this childhood nostalgia beat. I just hope that this show starts a cult following that will eventually produce a documentary as good as A Brony Tale, which was fantastic. Molly Ringwald to Voice ‘Rainbow Brite’ Villain in Dark, Gritty Reboot (Video)