Name NASA's New Free-Flying Robot and Win $1,000

The robot will head to the International Space Station in 2017.

Name the ISS's new free-flying robot! (Wikipedia)
Name the ISS’s new free-flying robot! (Wikipedia)

Need some cash? All you have to do is come up with a really sweet name for NASA’s new space robot.

NASA has teamed up with TopCoder to award $1,000 to whomever comes up with the best name for space agency’s new free-flying robot, NBC News reports. The robot will be sent up to the International Space Station in 2017, by which point we think “North,” “Khaleesi,” and “Kale” might unfortunately be out of style.

“We have this new free-flying robot that we’re building,” Jason Crusan, director of NASA’s Advanced Exploration Systems division, reportedly announced at ComicCon. “We don’t know what to call it. ‘Free-flying robot’ sounds kind of boring and not all that exciting, so we’re asking you to actually name the robot for us.”

As part of the contest, which launched Oct. 11, entrants are also asked to design the robot’s “mission patch” — a “small graphic that includes the name of a space mission,” the official site explains.

As NBC points out, NASA’s new space robot won’t be the first free-flying robot onboard the ISS. It’ll join a pre-existing rank of SPHERES, or Synchronized Position Hold, Engage, Reorient, Experimental Satellites.

The contest’s first-place entrant will receive $1,000, as we noted before. Second-place will get $500, and third- and fourth-place will each take home $250. It’s not enough to buy a ridiculously-priced 3D printer for chocolate, but hey, it’s something. The contest is open until Nov. 27, so brush up your baby-naming skills and get to work on your mission patch designs. Winners will be announced Dec. 2. Name NASA's New Free-Flying Robot and Win $1,000