Name Your Startup With An Algorithmic Name Generator That Actually Works

Resist the urge to put a ".ly" at the end.

(Photo by Quinn Dombrowski)

(Photo by Quinn Dombrowski)

Startup names are often cringeworthy, unpronounceable, or horrifically lazy. You take some word, strip it of its vowels, throw a “.ly” on the end, and you’ve got your very own “Airbnb of X.”

A startup name generator called NameBird can save you the trouble and frustration of trying to mangle words and then find some nonsense spelling that would look good in a logo. The tool, which named itself, is hosted on Shobia, an awkward little site with a few career advice articles and a dead link or two.

NameBird can generate names similar to one you like (if you want something like WayChop, try WangHop or Walloop) and you can instantly see if the name is available as a .com url. Besides startups, you could also use NameBird to generate a name for any kind of product or website, or given some of the names (Diaffect, Galvatic), a new medication.

For those who aren’t looking for a CTO and seed money for their budding startup, you can always use NameBird to play every tech reporter’s favorite game: guess what a startup does on name only. A few samples from NameBird’s algorithm:

Missable — An app that algorithmically lets you know which exes you’ve been stalking hardest.

Equush — Tinder for horses (too easy).

CoAble — An app that tells you if the person you’re dating is someone you’d actually be able to live with comfortably.

Drabless — Airbnb for vintage clothing swaps.

The fun never ends. Unfortunately, the one feature missing from NameBird is a guide to pronouncing a startup’s name, which is a feat in its own right. Name Your Startup With An Algorithmic Name Generator That Actually Works