Pornhub Debuts Giant Times Square Billboard With a Choir Performance

They couldn't get a Super Bowl ad spot. Whatever — this should get everyone's attention.

Subtle. (Photo via Pornhub)

Update: Almost as soon as it was erected, it was down again. Typical.

Porn sites have had trouble breaking into the skittish world of mainstream media, regardless of the fact that basically everyone is using them. Camming site was rejected by NBC for the opportunity to run a commercial during this year’s Emmy awards, and Pornhub couldn’t convince CBS to let them run a Super Bowl ad — even though both companies’ proposed commercials were much tamer than what you’d see on a commercial for Axe Body Spray or Herbal Essences Shampoo.

Pornhub has finally made their public splash with their first major outdoor media campaign, starting with a billboard in Times Square. The ad was designed by Nuri Gulver, a Turkish copywriter who became Pornhub’s Creative Director after winning a contest to design the best Safe-For-Work advertisement, taking Best In Show for his “All You Need Is Hand” campaign.

The Pornhub team debuted the ad yesterday morning with a performance by the Gotham Rock Choir, who sang “All You Need Is Hand,” the appropriately-altered Beatles parody that is now toxically stuck in your head. Pornhub told Betabeat that they spent $100,000 on the Billboard, which is 54’ x 48’ and above an ad for Stolichnaya vodka on the corner of 47th Street and 7th Avenue.

Pornhub is infamous for their pun-fueled charity fundraisers, ad campaigns and porn star interns, but because mainstream advertisers are unwilling to associate themselves with an adult entertainment brand, they’ve struggled to reach their audience without resorting to publicity stunts and snarky headlines. The Times Square billboard is the first shot fired across the bow of media channels that have shut them out.

Update: Check out a video of the Gotham Rock Choir celebrating this monumental occasion below:

Pornhub Debuts Giant Times Square Billboard With a Choir Performance