Spoiler Alert: ‘Homeland,’ ‘Boardwalk,’ ‘Twin Peaks,’ and ‘The Good Wife’ (Video)

Every Monday I join Sean T. Collins from Rolling Stone, Matthew Jacobs from The Huffington Post and Ricky Camilleri from HuffPost Live to discuss Sunday night’s best television moments on the show Spoiler Alert. Spoiler alert: there are a lot of spoilers in this segment, where we chat about the return of Homeland (um, is Carrie the bad guy now? Because she def. tried to drown a baby), Boardwalk’s roach problem (ew, ew, ew!), the amazing cameos of The Good Wife and the news of Twin Peaks return (in 2016).

[protected-iframe id=”415995ef688dc77c797d256d765b3b52-35584880-35147716″ info=”http://embed.live.huffingtonpost.com/HPLEmbedPlayer/?segmentId=53dbe81202a760032a0007d9&autoPlay=false” width=”570″ height=”321″ frameborder=”0″]

Okay, I am very bad at “rapid-fire questions,” but I had some good points about feminism and how that guy who is the State Attorney on The Good Wife played Sweeney Todd. (A fact I stole directly from our recapper, Josh Allen, but still!) Spoiler Alert: ‘Homeland,’ ‘Boardwalk,’ ‘Twin Peaks,’ and ‘The Good Wife’ (Video)