Survey Shows Over 97% of Tech Support Pros Use PCs

But the IT pros using Macs install way less virus protection software.

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IT pros have a stigmatized reputation of being mostly white, mostly male nerds who talk over our heads and never see the light of day. But when it comes to how they use computers — and which computers they use — we should probably pay attention. After all, they are the experts.

A new survey of IT pros shows that 97 percent are using either just a PC or both a PC and a Mac for their work, with only 3 percent using just Macs. This can likely can be explained by IT professionals who deal exclusively with Macs. On the other hand, a full 13 percent of Mac technicians don’t use any antivirus software, as opposed to a negligible two percent of PC users.

The study was led by Mike Geneivive, a creative strategist for Experts Exchange, an online IT community hub. Mr. Geneivive surveyed almost 1,200 IT professionals about their habits so that he could get a better look at how a model computer user would behave.

“We wanted to give general users a glimpse into the world of how IT professionals perform on a day to day basis,” Mr. Geneivive told Betabeat. “IT pros do things a little differently than everyone else, so just seeing the general daily users of the IT pro is the big takeaway.”


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Other findings from the study included:

  • 72 percent of IT pros run a virus scan at least once every week
  • 14 percent didn’t go to school for Computer Sciences or Information Technology at all.
  • The older the IT pro, the less likely he was to use a Mac — tech support guys over the age of 65 hardly use them at all.

Lastly, 66 percent of IT professionals wish that people would use better security software — which at first might seem alarming, but given that the other most requested tools were automatic disk cleaning software, remote access and the ability to telecommute, it seems more like a plea for people to make IT jobs easier overall.

Considering that 92 percent of the surveyed tech pros say that the computers they look at are horribly misused by the people who own them, installing some antivirus software is the least we could do to ease their burden.

Survey Shows Over 97% of Tech Support Pros Use PCs