The Continuing Journey of Chris Christie: Week of Oct. 6

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As nascent 2016 presidential contender Governor Chris Christie circulates in the national spotlight with hopes of regaining stamina after a politically unsound 2014, the following considerations arose this week…

  1. The Florida Hex?

Christie’s always been a Rudy Giuliani fan. The comparisons were always inevitable when he hit the 2009 gubernatorial trail with Rudy, another former prosecutor, at his side. But Christie probably doesn’t want that dreaded comparison to Giuliani’s doomed 2008 presidential campaign to stick to him as he paws the turf in advance of a 2016 presidential run. But that’s just what a potential rival, Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas), is doing in conversations with donors, according to POLITICO. He’s telling people Christie would be another Giuiliani – the 2008 campaign version. in a recent article by Politico called Christie the “Rudy Giuliani of this cycle,”.

  1. Christie’s 2016 rivals.                                                                                                                                                             Bushworld. It’s a tribute to how the pendulum swings in a two party system that six years after those ignominious images of that helicopter departing D.C. airspace with W. inside, the mere mention of the name of little brother Jeb has everyone in both parties quaking. He’s dangerous, and Christie’s people know it. The New York Daily News details the impact of Jeb Bush, son of George H.W. Bush and brother of George W. Bush, on the uphill campaign of the Christie-jilted Rob Astorino in New York.
  1. Christie; center of opinion

There have been several editorials released by major news sources all over the country outlining what a potential Chris Christie presidential run would look like. George Will weighed in. In a editorial by the Chicago Tribune, Chris Christie is described as a top contender. His name was also found in the editorial pages of the Washington Post, The Nation, and Philadelphia Magazine.

  1. Hillary and Christie  contenders for the GOP

Until Republicans like Jeb Bush began sticking their heads up and drawing attention as potential GOP establishment contenders for the presidency, it was all Christie v. Clinton. In a way, it still is. This week’s Delaware County Daily Times story underscored the criss-crossing campaigning of the rival Republican and Democrat.

  1. Chris Christie continues to tear up the country for GOP guv candidates

Chris Christie will be visiting Rhode Island to campaign for GOP gubernatorial candidate Allan Fung. In an article in WP Rhode Island, Fung is quoted as follows: “Support from Governor Christie will help me to get my message out to the voters of Rhode Island that my Open for Business Plan will turn our state around and help to counter the millions of dollars that Wall Street and progressives have poured into my opponent’s campaign.” Chris Christie is not the only Republican who has been in the national spotlight campaigning for Fung, 2013 Presidential candidate Mitt Romney has also showed his support.

Romney v. Bush v. Christie?

Who does Fung support for president in 2016?

The Continuing Journey of Chris Christie: Week of Oct. 6