These Futuristic Self-Cooling Walls Could Replace Your Air Conditioner

And save you some $$$.

What the walls' innards will look like. (Vimeo)
What the walls’ innards look like. (Vimeo)ture

We have little tolerance for high days, little tolerance for expensive bills and mixed tolerances when it comes to harming our planet . But new technology on the home cooling front could be a small solution to all of these problems.

The Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia Barcelona is developing hydroceramic walls that can cool themselves and potentially eradicate the need for air conditioning. 

The walls are created from two ceramic layers separated by bubbles of hydrogel, a substance that can swell up to 400 times its original size by absorbing water. What happens is, when the air around the hydrogel heats up, the water evaporates and cools the surrounding air. The technology actually works similarly to the way our bodies cool us down by evaporating water in the form of sweat.

Although still in prototype phase, the walls can either replace air conditioning units or work in conjunction with them. Using the two together would allow you to set your AC around seven degrees Fahrenheit higher than you normally would when you’re looking to achieve a comfortable temperature on a hot summer day. This would cut power usage by 28 percent and would reduce carbon emissions by about 56.5kg a month on most units, according to City Metric.

The future is here, people.

[vimeo 98955269 w=500 h=367] These Futuristic Self-Cooling Walls Could Replace Your Air Conditioner