UK Man Auctions Off Infant Son's Pro Soccer Allegiance on eBay

Because why not?

Eddie, a soon-to-be United or fan. (eBay)
Eddie, a soon-to-be devoted United or City fan. (eBay)

No matter how big or small a decision you’re making is, you can always turn to the Internet for help. Hell, this couple had Reddit name their baby.

A UK man is hosting an eBay auction so the Internet can decide which professional soccer team his son will support for the rest of his life.

Ian Charters, 30, from Greater Manchester is a Watford fan himself, but he realizes his son Eddie should probably support a local team — either Manchester City or Manchester United, BBC reports.

“I vow to use my fatherly influence to encourage my son to grow up as a supporter of City or United as the winner chooses,” the auction page reads. “I will buy him City/United curtains, get him the football shirt and even take him to a few games when he’s old enough. I will honour this as best as I can, and try to make sure that he does not end up supporting the other team.”

Mr. Charters also promises to tweet a photo of his son wearing the appropriate team’s shirt “for the world to see.”

The auction only started today, yet it already has nearly 60 bids and a high bid of £340.00. With more than nine days remaining, it’s very possible that this seventh-month-old’s allegiance could go for a thousand or more Euros.

This may all sound trivial, but it’s for a good cause.  Mr. Charters will be using the money to meet his £2,500 goal for next year’s London Marathon. His donation will go to Bliss, a charity organization in the UK that cares for premature and sick babies, in honor of Eddie who was born six weeks premature.

Let’s just hope this kid doesn’t prefer basketball.

UK Man Auctions Off Infant Son's Pro Soccer Allegiance on eBay