Winners and Losers: Pre-Election Day Edition

Here we go truly now into the Tuesday vortex with the final pre-Election Day version of Winners and Losers


Scott Garrett

A Monmouth University Poll this week showed the incumbent Republican Congressman in CD5 leading his Democratic challenger by 11 points.

Tom MacArthur

A Stockton University Poll this week showed the Republican challenger in CD3 beating his opponent by five points.

Frank LoBiondo

A Stockton Poll in CD2 showed ‘LoBo’ blowing out his Democratic challenger, 53-34%.

Donald Norcross

The CD1 challenger received an infusion of network ad dollars from the House Majority PAC, enabling the labor leader to put the gears of his campaign truck in reverse over the campaign corpse of his opponent.

James Keady

The former local elected official from Asbury Park made Christie erupt in un-presidential fashion.




Chris Christie

The governor got into a “shut up and sit down” scrap with a Hurricane Sandy heckler on the second anniversary of the national disaster that showed his angry side – behavior which most observers deemed inappropriate given the supposed offense.

Rigo Rodriguez

No jail time, but the former councilman and his wife indicted for election fraud entered a pre-trial agreement that banned them both holding public office, according to the Attorney General.

Bill Hughes, Jr.

The challenger in CD2 sank again in the latest Stockton Poll. The son of the former congressman of the same name now looks to be a very, very long-shot against Congressman LoBiondo.

Nucky Thompson

He died.

Aimee Belgard

The CD3 Democratic challenger has to watch a House Majority PAC ad running on Philadelphia network television add insult to injury by harping on the fact that there are already 211 lawyers in Congress. Belgard is a lawyer. Winners and Losers: Pre-Election Day Edition