Would You Pay $475 For This Creepy Goat Skeleton in a Coffin?


This face will haunt our nightmares. (Craigslist)
This face will haunt our nightmares. (Craigslist)

We thought we’d already found some of the creepiest stuff Craigslist had to offer. We really did. But not even people selling their iPhones for sex or job listings for naked back scratchers can hold a candle to a “for sale” ad posted 12 days ago in Green Lane, PA.

Maybe because it’s almost Halloween, or maybe because some people are just really freaking weird, but whatever the case, a Craigslist user is selling a real goat skeleton in a coffin. Its condition is listed as “excellent.” It’s one of the most terrifying things we’ve ever seen.

The text of the post says:

Very unusual real juvenile goat skeleton in a coffin. It’s on my refrigerator and the wife (of 48 years) says I have to pass it on to someone else. She won’t let me keep it anymore? I don’t know exactly why. That’s just the way it is and I don’t know where clean underwear or food comes from so it has to go. About 4′ tall all together.

As if that isn’t spine-tingly and weird enough, they’re also asking for $475 for it, which — according to a quick Google search for “price of live goat” — seems to be way more than you’d even have to pay for the living version of this freaky-looking thing.

Good luck sleeping tonight. (Craigslist)
No, seriously — good luck sleeping tonight. (Craigslist)

Based on the below photo, also featured on the post, this Craigslist user is a fan of hoarding dead animals. There’s no explanation, however, as to why the other animals look like traditional works of taxidermy, and yet this poor dead goat has been propped upright like a creature from hell and stuffed into a four-foot-tall coffin.

We're cool never entering this room in our lives. (Craigslist)
We’re cool never entering this room in our lives. (Craigslist)

Additionally, we’re wondering: Did this person even have a four-foot-tall coffin just casually lying around, or did they construct one specifically for this purpose? Both answers are equally disturbing. We really can’t fathom why this listing hasn’t sold yet.

Now that we’re sufficiently spooked, we’ll probably spend the next hour or so browsing photos of a seriously adorable and VERY MUCH ALIVE goat. You’re welcome.

Would You Pay $475 For This Creepy Goat Skeleton in a Coffin?