A tale of one city – and two cop deployments on Election Day


ELIZABETH – In front of School No. 12 the two forces went nose-to-nose over the limits of politicking.

No one can brandish a sign or try to influence a voter within 100 feet of this north end polling place.

In this intense contest, the Elizabeth Board of Education incumbents are battling for every inch of turf against a ticket backed by Mayor Chris Bollwage.

Moments into the mayhem, a prowl car with tinted windows and flashing lights pulled up in front of the school and a cop alighted with measuring tape.

Fellow patrolmen crowded round and they began pacing off 100 feet from the front door to draw a clear barrier for those spilling into the pathway of voters.


They resolved the matter without incident.

A few blocks away, cop cars lurched across another intersection and came to an abrupt halt with flashing lights.

A child on the corner explained that there was a gun fight between two youth.

No one was hurt.

This time.

“I can’t take it anymore,” a man told PolitickerNJ. “I woke up the other night and guns were going off. Cannons. I looked out and saw two kids shooting each other. Man, I was a star athlete in this town. Lived here my whole life. I can’t take it.”


  A tale of one city – and two cop deployments on Election Day