Disrupt Your Fridge with These Silicon Valley-Inspired Word Magnets

"It's like Twitter for magnets!"


Fun with tech. (Kickstarter)

You know those Magnet Poetry sets — those white word magnets that you probably haven’t seen since you found them arranged into ridiculous sexual innuendos on your college refrigerator? They’re about to get a tech reboot.

“Silicon Valley Magnets” are currently seeking funding on Kickstarter. If funded, the set will feature more than 120 techy buzzwords so you can can name your startup while you cook.

The set will include the top memes of 2014 and SV lingo words and phrases like “dynamic,” “strategy,” “technology” and “web.” If we had to guess, we’d say “in real time” and “disrupt” will be included as well.

With potential for more than one trillion 10-word combinations, “this practically eliminates the risk of repetition and simultaneous invention and could save BILLIONS on IP attorney fees!” the Kickstarter page reads.

The campaign has 26 days left and has already funded $2,569 of its $3,000 goal. Backer gifts include everything from a set of the magnets, tickets to the Magnet Poetry Gallery in San Francisco and the privilege of being listed as an Angel Investor.

For even more fun, we suggest combining these with your ordinary refrigerator poetry magnets. That’s probably how people came up with the ideas for “Tinder for Dogs” and “Uber for weed.”

Disrupt Your Fridge with These Silicon Valley-Inspired Word Magnets