Have This Artificially Intelligent Travel Agent Book Your Next Vacation

He navigates the travel sites for you AND shares a name with a beloved Harry Potter character.

Fly without the hassles of travel sites (Wikimedia)

Just when we were all convinced that travel agents had become obsolete did we find out they’ve actually just gotten a hi-tech revamp for the next century.

A link on Reddit tipped us off this morning to Dobby, a service claiming to be an artificially intelligent travel agent that will take care of all of your flight accommodations for you. Simply send Dobby an email telling him where and when you want to go, and he’ll reply with three itineraries in five minutes or less. All that’s left for you to do is choose.

According to the service’s minimalist webpage, Dobby is currently in the “early access” stage. It’s unclear what company is behind this futuristic travel agent or when it will officially launch, but it seems that Dobby’s artificial intelligence might be more helpful than Expedia or Travelocity.

According to the site, he learns users’ travel preferences and habits over time and uses them to build a personalized travel portfolio for each user. He also connects with all airlines, is equipped to handle group trips and can even keep track of frequent flyer miles in order to get users the best deals for their schedules. After you book, Dobby will automatically generate an expense report for your booking.

Currently, Dobby is only booking flights, but in the future he’ll book hotel and car accommodations as well.

The site indicates that users are charged a booking fee based on the frequency of their reservations, but exactly how much the service costs is unclear. Since booking sites like Expedia already help users find cheap flights, and don’t cost anything to use, it’s safe to say Dobby’s artificial intelligence better be pretty impressive, to justify whatever fee it ends up charging users.

This is the second time we’ve seen tech get disrupted in the past week. Last Friday saw the launch of Connections, a service that offers unused plane tickets to strangers with the same names as the people who originally booked them.

Now if only someone could make an app that could make flight delays go away. Have This Artificially Intelligent Travel Agent Book Your Next Vacation