Hawthorne Confidential

Hawthorne has only had partisan government since about 1991. school

Before that, Louis Bay reigned, but for nearly 25 years the GOP has been split locally. Some years worse than others: GOP mayors not getting along with leaders, etc.

Recently the club has been more aligned with Assemblyman Scott Rumana (R-40) but there are Peter Murphy people.

In 2011, Murphy ran primary challenges against the GOP ward council members. All won. But they never forgot Murphy’s actions.

Last year, the GOP ousted Barbara Zakur, the chair, and put in Joni Huston, who seems aligned with Murphy.

The vote was razor thin.

Now, Zakur is irked – and she and her mother publish the Hawthorne Press – and there are Rumana people and Murphy people in the mix.

So this year, those Rumana/Zakur people didn’t do anything for Corrado.

Huston worked for Corrado, but the mayor and council people wanted nothing to do with it. Hawthorne Confidential