‘Lyft for Work’: Rideshare App Launches Program for Businesses, Gett to Follow Suit in 2015

Uber launched its own program for businesses back in July.

Well don't they seem to be having fun. (Facebook)
Well don’t they seem to be having fun. (Facebook)

Because giving your employees MTA passes is just so low-tech, rideshare app Lyft has launched Lyft for Work, a new service that “allows companies to pay for work-related transportation — giving employees access to friendly affordable rides at the tap of a button,” according to the company’s site.

With Lyft for Work, participating companies can assign their employees a certain amount of Lyft credits at the beginning of each month. Employers can control when the credits may be used, like during specific hours of the day, or when work-related events are taking place. They can also use geofencing to ensure employers are using their credits for rides between work and home, and not, say, between home and the grocery store.

Twenty-nine companies have already signed up for the service, TechCrunch reports, including Yelp and Postmates. They also say companies are generally handing out $100 to $200 per employee, per month, which sounds nice.

As per usual in the rideshare app battledome, Lyft’s new feature comes on the heels of a similar move by Uber (UBER). Back in July, Uber launched Uber for Business, a service that lets fancypants businesspeople charge their rides to their employers’ corporate expense accounts, because yes, some people have those.

And it looks like Gett — famous for its $10 flat rate Manhattan rides — is getting onboard with businesses, too. According to their site, the company appears to be launching “Gett for Business” in New York sometime in 2015.

Update: This article originally stated, incorrectly, that Adobe had signed up for Lyft for Work. A recent statement from Adobe said:

Lyft inaccurately reported that Adobe has partnered with them on Lyft for Work. Adobe currently offers a diverse portfolio of commute alternative programs for its employees; however, Adobe has not entered into a partnership with Lyft and therefore, none of its commute programs include Lyft at this time.

‘Lyft for Work’: Rideshare App Launches Program for Businesses, Gett to Follow Suit in 2015