PolitickerNJ’s Power List 2014


Welcome to PolitickerNJ’s 2014 Power List, another excursion into that raucous political universe tapped like a barrel at both ends, in the words of Ben Franklin, who would have likely shuddered at the invocation of his name in the context of this decidedly New Jersey enterprise.

As always, the list does not include elected officials, judges or past governors.

In keeping with past tradition, too, it promises to stir plenty of dismay, outrage, hurt feelings, and public tantrums at the annual League of Municipalities Conference.

We welcome it all in the spirit of more finely honing this conglomerate in progress and in the name, of course, of defending what we have wrought out of the political collisions of this most interesting year.

Several plotlines weave through the list of 101 names below.

First, the fallout from the George Washington Bridge scandal gave Gov. Chris Christie and those around him a power haircut. Obviously, you’ll see the likes of former Port Authority of New York and New Jersey Chairman David Samson skydiving out of the
top tier.

You might be scandalized by the fact that he doesn’t altogether disappear, reasoning disclosed.

Atlantic City’s troubles have the casino gaming industry in a state of flux and consequently New Jersey on high alert as the state wrestles with the next stage of the storied Southern city’s history.

That narrative punctuates the list.

Looking back on the scrums we covered, the rise of independent expenditure spending altered the battlefield and the in-fighting in several key campaigns and elections this year, most notably Bayonne and Newark.

As outlined below, that decision also directly impacts Christie’s strategic designs on the presidency.

Finally, and most critically, those municipal, county and federal elections – from Newark to Paterson to Elizabeth – determined the rise and fall of those players either backhanded off the board for the moment or proudly – or barely – among those still standing…

Welcome to the 2014 Power List.

Click here to download the list. PolitickerNJ’s Power List 2014