PR Person by Day…

Doesn’t that drag queen look familiar? Oh, yeah—she’s the guy from my 2 p.m. client meeting. Some PR people throw off the Zara and take on completely different identities after hours. We found five of the most surprising.

Tony Telloni

Tony Telloni

Tony Telloni

By day: Managing director at Golin.

By night: Volunteer firefighter in Mendham Borough, N.J.

Why not quit the day job? “Well, the other job is a volunteer position. Being a full-time volunteer really isn’t an option for me.”


Lori Rosen

By day: Founder and president at The Rosen Group.

By night: Managing partner of Blacksocks,
a subscription-based sock company.

Why not quit the day job? “It doesn’t pay the bills yet. I need to sell many more socks before it becomes my day job.”


Matthew Levison

By day: Account supervisor at Nancy J. Friedman Public Relations.

By night: Drag queen Lily Putian by night.

Why not quit the day job? “Drag is a lot of fun, but I do love my day job as well. Also, free vodka sodas are fleeting, but a 401(k)
is forever.”


Jenn Capps

Lily Putian

Matthew Levison as Lily Putian.

By day: Senior account supervisor at Hill+Knowlton Strategies.

By night: Head non-skating official for DC Rollergirls.

Why not quit the day job? “It pays this many dollars: zero. I’ve thought about applying for a paid job with the national organization (don’t tell my boss), but it would mean a rather significant pay cut, which is not something I’m excited to do nearly 15 years into my career, especially since I’m single and don’t have another person’s income to help offset the financial impact of my crazy career choices.”


Emily Listfield

By day: Chief content officer at Kaplow PR.

By night: Published novelist.

Why not quit the day job? “I feel so lucky that I can continue to write novels (I’m working on my eighth) and work in a collaborative environment. PR is a wonderful counterpart to the hours I spend alone writing.”

PR Person by Day…