Private Helicopter App ‘Blade’ Will Now Bring You to Your Private Jet

Only about four people reading this will really appreciate what's going on here.

(Photo via Blade)

This Thanksgiving, while you’re stuck in traffic, remember: there’s always a better way to travel — especially when you can afford an upgrade.

This week, Blade, the Uber-for-helicopters that would probably prefer not to be constantly referred to as “the Uber for helicopters,” is expanding its service to ferry people between Blade’s midtown NYC helipad and Teterboro airport.

Using the new service — called Blade “Bounce” — you can reserver an entire six-seat chopper for $800, which you’d presumably split among you and your corporate partners (or retinue of fabulous fellow vacationers). To drive that distance could take 45 minutes. The chopper takes about five.

This summer, Blade launched as a service to “crowdsource” rides to and from the Hamptons. Blade charters the flights, you (but let’s face it, not really you, reader) request a plane, and for the relatively low price of $500, you get to fly high above the shmoes on the Long Island Expressway below.

But summer offerings are seasonal, and the constant flow of private jets that bring the East Coast elite in and out of the NYC metropolitan area could be a year-round cash pipeline that Blade could tap with their simple service.

Private Helicopter App ‘Blade’ Will Now Bring You to Your Private Jet