The countdown to gubernator


So, the countdown finally begins for the 2017 New Jersey gubernatorial race! Who will be the Garden State’s next gubernator?

With the Big Guy term limited to just two terms, and his focus moving from cookies to the Commander-in-Chief, it’s time to check out the field of possible dudes and damsels looking to occupy Drumthwacket.

First up: New Jersey’s first LG, Kim Guadagno. So, here goes:

Top 10 reasons to support Kim Guadagno for governor in 2017

10- Blue suits are the new Black!

9- She’s a former Sheriff and shes’s already licensed to carry a concealed weapon.

8- We can pay her just 77% of what Christie makes because she’s a chick.

7- She’s from the Jersey Shore; Four words: “Summer weekend beach house”!

6- Cabinet members no longer have to hear the Governor say, “Are you gonna finish those fries?”, during state cabinet meetings.

5- She’s nice looking and gives out her cell phone number to anyone in the state.

4- She knows her way around New Jersey since she’s been here more often than Christie.

3- Does not giggle when staff says “Metuchen”, “Long Branch” or “Fort Dix.”

2- Boy, can she cut a ribbon at a Chamber event!

And the Number One reason  to support Kim Guadagno for governor in 2017:

1- Her favorite cousin –Jersey’s own singer Pay Guadagno—will perform at the inauguration for free!

Win-win for taxpayers!

The countdown to gubernator