What in the Hell is ‘Too Many Cooks?’ (Video)

I often find myself up pretty late every single night. Some people call it a serious case of insomnia, one person calls it “sexy vampirism.” The one person is me. Whatever. Not important. The point is, with late nights come late night TV watching, and with late night TV watching comes a lot lot lot of infomercials and occasionally a hallucination or two. You come to love them.

I think I might have seen both at the same time last night. Around 4 am when Adult Swim usually shows a block of infomercials, this came on. Whatever the hell this is. It’s been all over the internet since, and still no one can describe it accurately. Apparently it comes from the mind of Casper Kelly, who also created Your Pretty Face is Going to Hell, so there’s that. Let me tell you, when it starts you’re pretty sure it’s a genuinely funny, if not grating opening-credits parody. Up until it’s…not. Watch it for yourself and try to explain it. Just look out for the bearded-guy and look to Smarf for help. What? Just…just watch.

Full disclosure, it is in fact 11 minutes long. But this is something you need to do today.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RzdRQCnDBlw] What in the Hell is ‘Too Many Cooks?’ (Video)