Art World Abstracts: John Lennon’s Paintings on View in L.A., and More!

John Lennon during his "Lost weekend" in Los Angeles, 1974. (Photo courtesy Getty Images)

John Lennon during his “Lost weekend” in Los Angeles, 1974. (Photo courtesy Getty Images)

Imagine all the… paintings? John Lennon once professed to MoMA solo show star Yoko Ono that all he wanted to do was paint, but that was impossible, because he was a Beatle. Well, now he’s getting a show, in West Hollywood, courtesy the Adopt the Arts Foundation. It’s good to see Lennon back in L.A., where his infamous “lost weekend” (“weekend” meaning 1973, 1974, and 1975) found him producing, recording and playing on a bunch of marvelous throwaway tunes, like this one, of Mick Jagger singing an old Willie Dixon song. [The Los Angeles Times]

Roberta Smith weighs in on “The Forever Now,” the show of paintings by younger artists at MoMA that’s proving to be quite divisive. She likes it, sort of? “Against the odds, it is surprisingly engaging. It gives you plenty to look at, which has become something of a rarity with shows of recent art at the Modern. (It’s when you consider what else could be here that the problems begin.)” [NYT]

“Perhaps the Jewish Museum should welcome visitors to its new exhibition, “ Helena Rubinstein : Beauty Is Power,” with citations from the Bible, such as “beauty is vain, but a woman that fears the Lord, she shall be praised” or “Turn away mine eyes from beholding vanity.” A tour de force of intensely focused collecting interests, the show reminds us that a distinguished history ties art accumulation with business interests and image-building. As the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s current exhibition of the Leonard A. Lauder Cubist Collection shows, there are different approaches to a focused collecting mania, and this is a fortuitous moment to compare cosmetics moguls.” [WSJ]

The British powers that be are trying to stop the Duke of Northumberland from selling an ancient Roman statue. That Duke of Northumberland, up to his crazy antics again! [The Telegraph]

Remember when you had to duck under a bunch of lasers to steal art? These guys in Madrid just walked out of the museum with 70 paintings. Props. [The Guardian]

Some venture capitalists are investing a ton of money in an online art auction site. Wow, what an idea! Selling art on the Internet! Artnet, Artsy, Artbinder, Auctionata and Paddle8 have certainly not thought of that before. Best of luck making unconscionable amounts of money, guys. [artnet]

Art World Abstracts: John Lennon’s Paintings on View in L.A., and More!