Bitcoin-Based Poop Delivery Service Earned $10K in a Month

Why do we have real jobs again?

This is apparently how ShitExpress collects all the horse poop. (ShitExpress)
This is apparently how ShitExpress collects all the horse poop. (ShitExpress)

As you slave away at your entry-level job earning barely enough to afford Netflix, think to yourself: there are people out there earning thousands of dollars a month by selling people horse poop.

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Remember ShitExpress, the aptly-named site that lets you use Bitcoin to anonymously send poop to people you don’t like?

Well, people must really have a lot of enemies, because the company made $10,120 in sales over the course of 30 days, according to a blog post published earlier this month. They’ve also shipped poop—it’s horse poop, not human poop, F.Y.I.—to 36 different countries.

The blog post, written by ShitExpress’ CEO, who goes by “Peter,” also details the company’s sometimes-rocky rise to Internet stardom. It reads like a how-to manual for people looking to make their Internet businesses go viral, and it’s hilarious in its earnestness.

In one memorable passage, Peter explains how he was mired in doubts about whether his poop-sending business would even be doable. At first, he got hung up on big questions like “Where to get horse poop in this city?”, “How to wrap it?”, and “What about that weird feeling of bringing a box of horse feces to the post office?”, but here’s what happened next:

After having procrastinated for several months, I discussed it all over again with people around me. That’s often the only way to estimate the size of your “problem”. Horse manure, packaging, stickers, payment processing, worldwide shipping…is this even doable?

“You live next to horse stables and the horse manure is almost for free, duh!”

Suddenly, I realized I’m literally one step from starting this business. Somehow, I got energy from the last sun rays of September and convinced myself to sit down and start to work hard.

Positively inspirational!

But that’s not all—given ShitExpress’ success, it sounds like we should also stay tuned for Peter’s future endeavors, which, tbh, sound a little ominous:

Thanks to strong support of our customers, we already developed a root base for additional services and new product line to be offered in the near future. Besides the shit, we definitely want to grow horizontally by covering more areas of business.

“More areas of business”?! What else will he offer besides shit? Moldy cheese? Garbage? Photos of Justin Bieber’s atrocious new hairdo? Only time will tell.

Bitcoin-Based Poop Delivery Service Earned $10K in a Month