Hack the Holidays: Mail Startup ‘Shyp’ Will Do All Your Gift Wrapping For You

It's $5 for any package, no matter how big that fancy juicer you bought your mom is.

Don't even pretend you could wrap anything that nicely. (Shyp)
Don’t even pretend you could wrap anything that nicely. (Shyp)

Gift giving is super fun, but you know what blows? Gift wrapping. Besides pretending to like all your obnoxious family members, it’s the one part of the the holidays that just really isn’t up to par.

For those who tend to find themselves in a terrifying mess of wrapping paper and Scotch tape around this time of year, perhaps this will be of interest: Shyp, the on-demand shipping app that saves you from ever having to visit the post office again, will launch its holiday gift wrapping service tomorrow.

Shyp, in case you haven’t heard of it, is another app disrupting the old-fashioned experience of mailing stuff. Need to mail a hefty package? Take a picture of it, type in where you’d like to send it, and Shyp will handle everything else; they’ll send a representative to package your item and take it to Shyp’s warehouse, from which point it’ll be sent out to its destination—including international addresses—using the most appropriate carrier.

Starting tomorrow, Shyp users will have the option of having their items gift wrapped for $5 per package. The wrapping will take place at Shyp’s warehouse, so that when your package eventually reaches your friend or family member, it’ll be all ready for them to stick under their tree (or ferociously tear open immediately upon receipt).

“We’re very focused on user experience and design,” Shyp cofounder and CEO Kevin Gibbon told Betabeat. “We spend a lot of time the product—on creating that amazing, magical experience. We’ve done that same thing with gift wrapping.”

As for the gift wrap itself, Shyp has partnered with Brit + Co—yes, the makers of those fabulous Christmas ornaments we attempted to make last year—to offer three different styles of wrapping paper.

“They very much value design,” Mr. Gibbon said of Brit + Co. “They’re very creative people. They have a big community of makers and that kind of stuff. They’re a natural partner.”

Gift wrapping isn’t the only special service Shyp’s offering this month. Since Cyber Monday they’ve also been offering free returns—a perk that’ll continue throughout the rest of the month.

Shyp has grown quite a bit over the past year. Originally in San Francisco, they’re now available in New York and Miami, as well. Mr. Gibbon says they’ll be expanding to L.A. in January or February of 2015.

He’s also expecting to see a ton of business this month.

“Obviously the holidays are going to be so big for us,” he said. “This is the one time of year everybody has a need to ship things.”

Hack the Holidays: Mail Startup ‘Shyp’ Will Do All Your Gift Wrapping For You