Hannah Bronfman Does Art Basel the Healthy Way

Ms. Bronfman in Miami last night. (Photo by BFA)
Ms. Bronfman in Miami last night. (Photo by BFA)

Between the late night parties, steady stream of booze, and jam-packed event schedule, Art Basel can begin to take its toll on the body. Even in the Miami sun, that fresh face we came down here with is slowly starting to fade. So we enlisted Hannah Bronfman to share her tips on managing Art Basel and feeling good at the same time. Not only is Ms. Bronfman a stylish social fixture and celebrity DJ, she’s also a beauty maven, whose app Beautified connects users to the top beauty treatments in a given city. It’s also worth mentioning that she looks impossibly fresh at every Art Basel event, even on the dance floor into the wee hours of the morning. We caught up with Ms. Bronfman amidst the action to find out how she keeps her healthy glow all week long, so we can start doing it ASAP:

What are some events you’re looking forward to?

I’m DJing the Spike TV party on Friday with Common, so that should be cool. I’m excited about the Maison de Mode pop-up shop at Soho House, I just went by and it’s so well curated. And of course I am looking forward to the Paper Magazine dinner with Kim Kardashian!

What do you love about being down here?

I love the feel of the people down here, it feels like everyone is on island time. The food down here is amazing, it’s all super fresh. And obviously the weather. You just can’t beat it.

How do you manage to stay so fresh amidst all the partying?

My trick is to drink club soda for as long as I can until I really want a drink, then I’ll have a tequila and club soda. By the time I actually get the tequila, I’m ready for bed. No matter what party you’re going to, it’s all great people, so I feel like I don’t need to drink to have a good time. I try to wake up and do some sort of quick workout. I’m not really a runner but it’s so beautiful down here, so I went for run on the boardwalk, which was great. I also brought some bands. You don’t need to do an hour-long workout while on vacation. Target one area of the body everyday and do a 15-minute exercise. It will have the same effect.

Do you have any secret beauty havens here?

I haven’t found any secret spots, but Jet Set Pilates is awesome. I also have some stylist friends down here working, so I asked one of them do an in-room blow out with me on Friday. When I don’t know a city, I hit up my friends in the industry for recommendations.

What are the Miami spots you hit up on every trip?

Definitely Jet Set Pilates. Mandolin is an amazing restaurant. I love the store Curve and The Webster, of course. Oh, and Jugo Fresh.

What are some tips you’d offer others for surviving Art Basel?

Stock up on Jugo Fresh coconut water, it gives you extra hydration while traveling and drinking. Another tip is to try to take a minute to get some sun. Everyone looks better with a flush. Try to minimize the sugary drinks and cocktails. Sugar equals hangover.

What are the biggest beauty differences between the women in Miami and New York?

The women down here are all about the accessories as opposed to makeup. Here, everyone pulls back their hair and just has a fresh glow. It’s all about the statement earring or necklace. In New York, more women are wearing the purple lipstick and having the cat eye. It’s more about the makeup. Hannah Bronfman Does Art Basel the Healthy Way