‘Homeland’ Recap 4×11: Invisible Quinn

The ISI and and the Taliban are both looking for Quinn. Luckily, Quinn has a baseball cap


Pure camouflage. (Showtime)

Where the heck is Quinn? Carrie won’t leave Islamabad without him. Too bad because Quinn isn’t going anywhere until Haqqani is very dead. All diplomatic relations have been cut off so Quinn is out there on his own trying to take down a national hero. Haqqani is being celebrated in Pakistan. There was a coup and he has essentially taken over the government with the help of people on the inside of the ISI like Tasneem.

Nobody has taken Fara’s death harder than Max. Well, her dad and other family are probably more upset but we don’t see them. So as far as we know Max is taking it the hardest. He also blames Carrie for bringing Fara to Afghanistan and not being all that nice to her. Max wants Haqqani dead. He’s not going to leave the embassy to do anything about it but he’ll help out Quinn. When Carrie catches him helping Quinn, Max tells her where to find him. Maybe Max isn’t as mad as he thought.

Looks like Quinn got himself an ex-girlfriend when we weren’t looking. Turns out she and Quinn go back to at least to 2008 when Quinn first started retiring from the CIA. He’s been using that line for awhile now. What a coincidence, the two meet in Germany six years ago and both end up in Pakistan at their respective countries’ embassies. International intrigue is such a small world. I understand people staying friends with an ex but assisting in the making of a bomb? That’s very cool ex-girlfriend. She might even be better than the apartment manager who left Quinn with a roast chicken in the fridge.

There’s no way Quinn is giving up his plan to kill Haqqani without a fight. Carrie catches up to Quinn in a parking garage. She even has two large security officers with her. That’s how you get a security officer a broken hand and and bullet in the leg. Two muscle bound dudes aren’t taking Quinn away. He knows martial arts or something. Probably that Krav Maga.

Quinn’s master plan is to flush Haqqani out of the heavily-guarded place he’s staying, and then to detonate a bomb under his car. To get Haqqani to come out, he starts a protest against Haqqani. He does this by convincing Kiran, Aayan’s old girlfriend, to upload to youtube the video of Haqqani killing Aayan. Quinn then plants the bomb in the sewer grate that is right in front of the driveway to Haqqani’s hideout. It’s a bit convoluted but if you are too particular about following logic you stopped watching Homeland a long time ago.

The ISI and and the Taliban are both looking for Quinn and there is a kill order on him. Luckily, Quinn has a baseball cap that really makes him look like just some guy so he’s able to walk around Islamabad getting bomb parts and protesting.

Lockhart is on his way out. He calls Carrie looking for information because he’s completely out of the loop while the White House is looking for his replacement. Even though they’re not telling him anything, Lockhart knows something big is going down.

In the middle of all this Carrie finds out via Skype that her father died. The news hit Carrie so hard that she got along with her sister for a bit and wanted to see her baby. That kid looks creepily like Brody.

Carrie pushes her grief aside as much as she can but you can see it creeping in to how she’s dealing with the situation. She is even more reckless than normal. For example, she climbs on top of a car and removes her headscarf right in the spot where she thinks there is probably a bomb to force Quinn to contact her. Carrie has figured out Quinn’s plan and knows that there is no escape for Quinn if he goes through with it. Her own anger towards Haqqani is second to her concern for Quinn.

When Haqqani decides to act like a drunk prom kid and stand up through the sunroof of his limo, Carrie can’t take it anymore. We see her flash back to Haqqani shooting Aayan but I think it’s all the death of Fara and her father that cause Carries rage. In the middle of a crowd where she is surely going to be killed if she takes a shot at Haqqani, she raises up her gun and has it aimed to the back of Haqqani’s head.

Carrie is about to blow Haqqani’s brains out in front of a huge audience when Khan stops her and points out that Dar Adal is in the limo. What the crap? Has the CIA been behind this the entire time? Next week Quinn is going after Obama.

‘Homeland’ Recap 4×11: Invisible Quinn