Lyft Will Finally Let You Split Fares

We're surprised it's taken this long.

"So we're splitting this, right?" (Lyft)
“So we’re splitting this, right?” (Lyft)

Tired of having to pay for all of your date’s Lyft rides? Now, you can finally be that awesome guy who asks her if she wants to split it.

Rideshare app Lyft will now let users split fares, the company announced in a blog post last night.

Here’s how the new feature works:

To start dividing and conquering, open the ride options menu and select “Split payment.” Invite up to five friends from your Contacts list, then wait for them to accept the split in their app. It’s fast, secure, and super easy.

We’re surprised it’s taken so long for Lyft to let you do this. From what we can gauge from its blog, Uber (UBER)Lyft’s ultimate rival—has been offering the feature since July of 2013.

Lyft has a long history of copying Uber’s new developments. Last month they debuted Lyft for Work, around four months after Uber launched Uber for Businesses. And who could forget last August, when Uber announced a carpooling feature, only to have Lyft announce an identical feature the very next day?

Still, there are some very important things Lyft hasn’t copied from Uber—you know, like the sexual assault victim-blaming and the bizarre firing tactics—so for that, we’re thankful.

Lyft Will Finally Let You Split Fares