Morning News Digest: December 17th


At WNY kickoff, Wiley and slate wage war with Roque

WEST NEW YORK — The hole-in-the-wall campaign office off Hudson Ave. where mayoral hopeful Count Wiley and his slate of West New York candidates officially launched their bid today was rife with anti-establishment sentiment, the signage carrying the “United” party name that dangled from the ceiling and papered the walls an indication, if nothing else, of the strength of the ticket’s union in its central mission: to unseat the city’s current mayor, Felix Roque. (Brush/PolitickerNJ)




Monmouth Poll: Republican prez field ‘wide open’

When asked to name their top choice for 2016, Republicans and Republican-leaning voters volunteer a large field of contenders, with none breaking away from the pack.  Although Paul Ryan is not on voters’ radar for the “horse race” question, he far outpaces the field when it comes to candidate favorability. The Monmouth University Poll also finds that most GOP voters are at least somewhat willing to give a little on the issues in order to support a candidate with the best shot at winning the White House. (Politicker Staff)




Christie faces shrinking pool of 2016 backers following Bush announcement

Former Republican National Committee finance chairman Mel Sembler says he’s “admirer” of Gov. Chris Christie. But Sembler is lining up behind former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush in the 2016 Republican presidential race. (Salant/NJ Advance Media for




Red-light cameras in NJ go dark at midnight

TRENTON – At midnight, the video feed on red-light cameras all across New Jersey will fade to black. (Larsen/Asbury Park Press)




Jeb Bush move likely to speed 2016 race pace, pressure Chris Christie

Jeb Bush‘s move to “actively explore the possibility of running for president” is likely to quicken the pace of the 2016 campaign and pressure New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, who is weighing a run for the Republican nomination. (Dawsey/Wall Street Journal)




Jeb Bush and the base: it’s more about persona than policies

Jeb Bush’s announcement that he would “actively explore” a 2016 presidential run has been met with healthy skepticism, in no small part because he has staked out positions at odds with the Republican Party’s conservative base. (Cohn/The New York Times)




Report: Menendez pleaded for visa for woman whose family donated to his campaign

After repeated pleas by Sen. Bob Menendez’s office, the State Department granted a visa to an Ecuadorean woman whose relatives contributed to Menendez and the Democratic Party, WNBC News reported Tuesday. (Jackson/The Bergen Record)




New Jersey ends Red Light Camera Pilot Program

Multiple choice: red light cameras A) reduce accident rates for T-bone crashes; B) produce rich municipal revenue streams; or C) milk hapless motorists to generate that generous cash flow. (Flanagan/NJTV)




Officials don’t think Atlantic City is ‘another Detroit waiting to happen’

Detroit and Atlantic City would seem to have little in common. One is a 680,000 person former industrial powerhouse that put America on the road. The other a 35,000 person former Shangri-La on the Jersey Shore. But today, these two cities share something else — a reliance on a single industry that pushed Detroit into municipal bankruptcy and left Atlantic City on the brink. (Cruz/NJTV)





Citi Bike looks across the river to Jersey City

A new bike-share program that would connect Citi Bike to Jersey City is gaining traction, potentially extending access to the nation’s largest such system to a rapidly gentrifying area across the Hudson River. (Tangel/The Wall Street Journal)

Morning News Digest: December 17th