Morning News Digest: December 2nd


Former NJ Supreme Court Judge Robert l. Clifford has died

A lover of language, legendary New Jersey grammarian, and fixture of the state’s legal system, former NJ Supreme Court Justice Robert L. Clifford died Saturday in his sleep. (Pizarro/PolitickerNJ)




For second time, senate ops to expand early voting in NJ

TRENTON – The New Jersey Senate passed for a second time in two years a bill that would expand early voting in the state today, 21-15. (Brush/PolitickerNJ)




Baraka underscores alliance with Jersey City, Paterson after Thanksgiving weekend violence

NEWARK – As officials from the city of Newark outlined an action plan to fight violent crime following a rough Thanksgiving weekend, Newark Mayor Ras Baraka reinforced his alliance with Jersey City Mayor Steve Fulop and Paterson Mayor Jose “Joey” Torres as part of Newark’s crime fighting strategy. (Bonamo/PolitickerNJ)




Iowans size up 15 GOP potential presidential candidates

Fifteen Republican potential presidential candidates are on Iowans’ radar, ranked here by their events in Iowa since the 2012 elections. Also presented: their support in an Oct. 1-7 Des Moines Register/Bloomberg Politics Iowa Poll. The poll results show that a greater volume of appearances doesn’t necessarily signal greater support. (Jacobs/The Des Moines Register)




Branstad: Christie’s pig crate veto a ‘good decision’

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie’s veto of legislation banning pig gestation crates was a “good decision,” Iowa Gov. Terry Branstad said Monday. (Noble/The Des Moines Register)




Is Christie running? The pigs say ‘yes’

On Friday Chris Christie, the Republican governor of New Jersey, vetoed a bill that would have banned gestation crates for pigs—crates so small that pregnant sows can’t turn around in them. Both Republican and Democratic voters in New Jersey supported the bill; and it passed the Senate and the Assembly with bi-partisan support. Even the National Review, the right-wing publication, ran an article urging the governor to go ahead and spare New Jersey pigs from treatment that amounts to torture. (Lapidos/The New York Times)




Christie back in Camden for school announcement

In New Jersey politics on Tuesday, December 2nd, 2014 … (Symons/The Asbury Park Press)




Bergen County sheriff ends bid for Army vehicles

The Bergen County Sheriff’s Office has dropped plans to obtain two armored, mine-resistant vehicles from the military in part because “it was no longer worth the effort,” a sheriff’s spokesman said Monday. (Jackson, Ensslin/The Bergen Record)




Why I won’t raise my hand over Ferguson shooting: Moran

Five players for the St. Louis Rams lifted their hands above their heads as they took the field Sunday, a sign of solidarity with those protesting the fatal shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Mo. (Moran/The Star-Ledger)




Hill staffer quits after comments about first daughters

A staffer for a Republican congressman resigned Monday amid public outrage over disparaging comments she made last week about President Obama’s daughters, proving that there still may be some taboos in Washington’s ever more rancorous political culture. (Nakamura, O’Keefe/The Washington Post)




African Americans aren’t thrilled with Obama’s Ferguson response

President Obama has pointedly refused to weigh in on what happened in Ferguson, Mo., aiming not to inflame an already delicate situation. (Blake/The Washington Post)




Clinton’s noncommittal stance on environmental creates political dilemma

NEW YORK — Hillary Rodham Clinton’s environmental problem was on full display in back-to-back events here Monday evening. (Gearan/The Washington Post)

Morning News Digest: December 2nd