Remember Your First Day on Reddit? If Not, This Tool Can Help

Procrastinate away.


Last spring, People of the Internet became enthralled with First Tweet, the Twitter feature that lets you discover the first message you, or any other user, sent out into the Twittersphere.

Now, you can also travel back in time on Reddit.

Yesterday, user georgehotelling posted a tool that lets you see what the Reddit home page looked like on the day you created your account.

To try it out, first make sure you’re logged into Reddit. Then click this link, enter your Reddit username into the text field, and hit “Go Wayback.”

To create the tool, georgehotelling took advantage of Reddit’s open API, which let him find any user’s account creation date. By syncing that data with the Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine—which has catalogued over 435 billion web pages— his program was able to generate the Reddit home page from the day any Redditor created their account.

Georgehotelling said in the comments that he “didn’t put a lot of time into it and it’s got all sorts of bugs,” but as far as we can tell, it worked for us. It’s frankly been a pleasure to revisit this photo of a ridiculously happy otter snuggling a Teddy bear. Remember Your First Day on Reddit? If Not, This Tool Can Help