The Bloomberg/Fulop connection


The receipt by Jersey City of $2.25 million from Bloomberg Philanthropies this week had Hudson politicos in cat with canary in its mouth mode.

It’s no secret that Jersey City Mayor Steven Fulop is pawing at the ground in advance of 2017, with Drumthwacket his preferred destination.

The complication of former Goldman Sachs star Phil Murphy in the budding gubernatorial contest makes the Mike Bloomberg connection look like Fulop’s way of building a pillbox of financial contacts, starting with the Manhattan media mogul.

Bloomberg’s mother went to William L. Dickinson High School, so there’s a Jersey City connection between the former NYC mayor and the JC executive’s home turf.

Bloomberg backed then-Mayor Jerry Healy in the 2013 mayoral race.

But since Fulop’s victory the pair have inhabited some of the same social circles on occasion, naturally spurring shadowy thumbs-up responses from Hudson types who say the connection signifies the mayor’s likely cash preparedness if a gubernatorial primary gets ugly.

“There’s a natural fit based on Steven’s financial background,” a source told PolitickerNJ.

The Bloomberg/Fulop connection