‘The Newsroom’ Recap 3×4: Contempt for ‘Contempt’ (Video)

"Nope!" - Anyone watching The Newsroom.

“Nope!” – Anyone watching The Newsroom.

Sorry with the belated Newsroom recap, you guys. You understand, right? It’s simply that without a man to explain to me how the Internet works and what a blog post is and how traffic is a force of evil created by the bleeding heart vaginas over at Carnivore.com (LOLOLOLOL?), I had no way to comprehend the magnitude of Will McAvoy’s decision to get married/carted off to prison because of “Principles.” What are these prince-ah-puhls of which he speaks? Is there an App for that??

Ha ha, just kidding. I was trying to see if I could cause Sam Waterston to have a stroke. Did it work?

Look, there was so much to hate this episode, starting with Jim’s condescending fights with Hallie over her new job writing about his job (but also their love life and also Plan B?), which to be sure is a shitty thing to do, but considering that Jim uttered the phrase “Just, please, tell me that you know I’m right,” encapsulates Aaron Sorkin’s entire plea to women, everywhere. Then there was Don and Sloane’s cat and mouse game with HR? And also the fact that in the end, none of this is going to matter because the world is getting hotter by the second and we’re all going to die tomorrow, hopefully while Will is still in jail.

Anyway, in lieu of traditional recap I went on HuffPost Live’s Spoiler Alert yesterday to vent my frustrations about this show, and it got pretty awesome. (Start it at 34:46 to hear my cackling.)

Oh my god that slow-mo at the end and he’s handcuffed right down the aisle? LOL. Of course he is. Hey, it’s better than leaving City Hall with another kind of ball and chain, am I right, ladies? No? No one?

Sheesh, tough room.

‘The Newsroom’ Recap 3×4: Contempt for ‘Contempt’ (Video)