These Dudes Want to Give Your Sock Drawer a Makeover

Sorry, recent college grads, your ratty gym socks aren't going to make it in the real world

Unlike their competitors, Ricky Choi and Phil Moldavski are two dudes. Dudes in the sense that they are not creating “Fashion with a capital F” as the saying goes. Instead, the two gents who sit at the helm of Nice Laundry make socks, and some damn good ones.

Unlike their competitors, their eye for design is purely visceral. This translates to simple, clean patterns that still remain eye catching without feeling overwrought. “We primarily draw our inspiration from Mother Nature – I think we can all agree that she knows how to put colors together – unlike the girlfriend who’s a self-professed ‘interior decorator’ or ‘has an eye for color’ and lays out pink socks and a lavender sweater for you every Easter,” said Nice Laundry’s Ricky Choi over lunch at Balthazar, “We also pull inspiration from anything off the beaten path that catches our eye. This past Fall, we fell in love with these old naval warships clad in optical camo and synthesized those colors and patterns into our line.”

The socks are only sold in packs, to keep in line with the brand’s now coveted “sock drawer makeover” philosophy. Essentially, buyers are not able to invest in the brand in fewer than six pairs of socks. Their most popular option, a full “makeover” of 18 pairs of socks is just $99.

“I’ve never understood buying socks one-by-one,” Choi said, “I know alot of people sell them individually, but I’d much prefer buying a bunch at once. It just becomes hard to do with some of the prices that retailers are charging for individual pairs. We wanted to deliver this amazing experience where you don’t pay an arm and a leg and you get a box jam-packed with awesome product; and each pack has a unique feel and theme to it. We’ve got something for everyone. Every guy will be able to find a pack that will take them through a week’s worth of adventures, whatever they may be.”

After blowing their Kickstarter goal out of the water just over a year ago – they raised four times their funding goal – Nice Laundry has grown to become a staple in daily dressing for the masses of post grads new to the working world. “Our youngest customer has graduated from college two to three years ago and is starting to get serious about his career,” Ricky told us, “ He sees the value in a professional appearance, but isn’t willing to devote entire paychecks to wardrobe. Instead, he’s looking for high quality goods at fair prices and an efficient shopping experience. Our customers can buy a brand-new sock drawer in under two minutes and even get rid of their old socks through our complimentary recycling program.” The recycling facet closes the loop, and brand evangelists can send their old socks back to be recycled.

What’s more, they keep their socks in good company. Partnerships with Virgin Atlantic, SweetGreen, and Washio have created a clever added value for brands in other markets. When other sock brands zig, Nice Laundry zags. Don’t expect any boring celebrity collaborations. “I’ve never been a big fan of celebrity endorsements. George Foreman, great boxer. Does that mean he knows how to make a good grill? Instead, we like partnering with companies who share the same values that we do – elevated everyday experiences, quality products, service, and convenience. It’s been interesting to see how seemingly unrelated customer groups are united in their values,” a tactful Choi said.

Up next: Starting today shoppers can subscribe for quarterly sock shipments (6 pairs and 1 special edition pair). Nice Laundry will build customers the perfect sock drawer throughout the course of the year and make sure it is always fresh, on-trend and functional.


These Dudes Want to Give Your Sock Drawer a Makeover